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Tuesday, March 21

Speaking of Optimism

Thank you all who voted for us in the Koufax Awards. We are so flattered and humbled by your love and the time you took to vote for us in the first round. We are up for Best Group Blog in the final round of voting. I am optimistic that you will be sure that we win, because we are currently being creamed in the voting as of now. (I'm taking the bush approach.)

Please click here to vote for us. Right this very minute for I will simply lose my will to go on if you don't. It takes a long time unfortunately to submit a vote because the servers are slow, but I know that you're all anxious to see our nudie pics, so it will be worth it.

Now, may I be a blog whore for a moment and say that while there are other excellent group blogs running against us, you must consider that by far this is the most interesting, amusing, intellectually entertaining and sexy blog in the running (ok, so maybe we're not that humble today). Why is it so good? Because of you, the readers, the emailers and the commenters. It is because of you that we go on here. We don't ask for tips, nor do we clog up the pages with ads... we come to you out of love and compassion for the social injustices in the world. All we ask is that we become famous. We will never ask for your money.

I'd also like to thank my co-bloggers who also research, investigate, write and entertain the visitors. Many thanks to Jaye, Vicki, Joanna, Marilyn, Flame, Cathy, Barb, Petey and Billy for your outstanding participation. I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Pissed Off Patricia, Blondesense blogger legend for her long time dedication and her impeccable talent for opining on the state of current affairs.

You're all so great, I'm just going to break down and cry now. Who knew? Who knew? You like us. You really like us.


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