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Thursday, March 16

Now I'm really getting pissy

Ok ladies, time to start manufacuturing our own chastity belts and making sure that anything that comes near our sensitive nether regions is either shooting blanks or is battery operated.

Missouri has banned funding for birth control, big shock I know. Apparently they feel allowing clinics to dispense or prescribe birth control will lead to orgies in the street. Of course we all know what this is really about, control and cannon fodder, nothing more nothing less.

One badly needing to be bitch slapped member stated that "Taxpayers should not be forced to fund programs they find morally disturbing"... well fine. Give me my tax money back, ALL of it. I find the war, profiteering, bribery, lying and soooooo many other things this adminstration does morally disturbing I can barely function anymore. And I am so sick and tired of religion being substituted for logic and good sense I'm ready to find a liberal militia group (wonder if such a beast exists) and start marching, or at the very least patrolling. I want these backassward mouth breathers to stay away from my state, my womb and my daughter.

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