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Monday, March 27

Is This It? Finally?

I'm with Annti, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the antics of this administration, the extremes of Mother Nature and man's inhumanity in general. But oddly enough I found a bit of hope in the stranges of places today. HuffPo's blog has some very interesting headlines today, check it out quickly before they change.

But the OVERWHELMING sense I am getting is that SHEEPLE ARE FINALLY WAKING UP. I find it interesting that it took a large, mobile and determined group of NON-Americans (the anti-immigration bill) to get the ball rolling. It also seems that a sizeable group of staunch conservatives have finally gotten fed up with the neo-con and theocrat who have infiltrated their party, as many articles and even a few books are proving.

The DoJ is in up to their heads, and people are taking notice. The Administration and its flunkies are still lying, and people are FINALLY taking notice. The globe is warming up, both temperature and politically and people are finally figuring this out. Even the founder of Delta Force has had it with the administration.

Maybe, just maybe, this house of cards and smoke is finally coming down. We may just get out of the mire they've dropped us into, but ONLY if our fellow citizens stay alert and stay informed. Yes, Yes, I know Faux has too many studios to gremlinize them all, but hey, I'm just happy that enough major new outlets have actually carried stories and photos of the demonstration.

So can I get a show of hands, who thinks we might actually win this battle?

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