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Monday, March 27

I'll Give Those Christian Adoption Agencies Something To Mull Over

This story in this morning's Newsday broke my heart. A loving foster mother warned social services that a child in her charge might be in danger if she returned to her family. Her calls were ignored. The child was killed by her parents.

Pro-birth, pro-life, or whatever you want to call them and those who vehemently oppose gay adoption can kiss my ass. How many Lord, how many already born children are killed and/or abused by their parents? Let's face it, it's pretty darned easy to get pregnant and have a baby even if you are criminally insane.

Is that the sign of a god who is actively watching over his creation? Would a perfect god insist that children only be raised by the possible psychos that birthed them? Where is the proof that a gay couple would make worse parents than birth parents?

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