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Friday, March 24

I Was Lucky

Well it's about time that someone came out of the closet and spoke out about what is right. Adoption Institute Supports Gay Parents so fuck Catholic Charities in Boston for getting out of the adoption business because it's 'immoral' to allow children to be adopted by gay people. You'd think the Catholic Church's Boys Club Hierarchy would be more tolerant.

Eventually with all this nonsense in legislation against abortions, birth control, day care, dildos, etc... there are going to be even more than the already half a million children shuffled through the horrific foster family program in the United States. It's enough to make Baby Jesus cry. Me too. Where are the pro-life people when it comes to foster care?

How wonderful it would be for these children to have the opportunity to be adopted by people or a person who wanted them, and who will love them and take care of them in a safe environment?

That is really all we adopted kids needed to know- that someone really wanted us- that we weren't just a backseat mistake on prom night.

All children want to be loved and to feel wanted, no matter what. It makes them better adults and possible future parents.

How many children grow up in their birth families and live with parents who tell them that they were a mistake? I knew quite a few in my life. Maybe it was a joke for the parents to tell the children that they were an "accident" or a "happy accident", but it has deep emotional ramifications for the children who grow up into unhappy adults.

How about finding out that your miserable unhappy parents "Had to" get married?

How many gay teens tell their parents about their sexual orientation and are then shunned by their so called loving birth families? You can bet your ass that one of the parents is gay and living a lie.

How many children grow up abused sexually or otherwise in their so called loving birth families? You can bet your ass that their parents were abused too. It takes one to know one.

The "What's Immoral" police can kiss my ass. These people hate the human condition and want you to hate it too.

I was lucky. I was a white female given up by my very Irish Catholic (but obviously horny, god bless her) 16 year old birth mom on the day I was born in 1955, so I was taken out of foster care at 7 months and given to a nice couple who really wanted children and couldn't have any of their own. My brother was lucky too and left a horrible foster family at 6 months old to join our family. We kids knew how much we were wanted from the get go. We knew we were adopted when we were toddlers but it didn't matter to us... well maybe a little bit when we were rebellious teenagers (and my parents blamed it on our birth parents), but it didn't come as shock, thank goddess.

I wanted to adopt children too but the legal fees were so exorbitant that we couldn't afford it. How many 20 or 30 somethings have an extra $25,000 kicking around after they have purchased their first house (if they were even lucky to buy a house)? Now I can afford to adopt children, but I'm too old. Perhaps that is another reason that there are still so many children in the foster care system.

So called "pro-life" people can go to hell.

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