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Monday, March 20

Here's What's in Store For November

What with the war going so badly, the budget and trade deficits running at all time highs, our vaunted new airport security failing miserably, the debacle that was and is Katrina, the polar ice caps melting, and the healthcare system in shambles, you might think that the November elections will be about substantive issues, issues that really matter to people, issues that really affect people's lives.

Of course, you'd be wrong. Next weekend, in Washington, DC, we'll get down to issues that really count, courtesy of Vision America:

Panels Include:
The Gay Agenda: America Won’t Be Happy
The ACLU And Radical Secularism: Driving God From The Public Square
Hollywood: Christians Through A Distorted Lens
Jews Confront The War On Christians
The Judiciary: Overruling God
The Media: Megaphone For Anti-Faith Values
Taking Our Faith To The Ballot Box

The usual suspects wil all be there: Senator Sam Brownback, Senator John Cornyn, Congressman Tom DeLay, Congressman Todd Akin, Congressman Louis Gohmert, Rick Scarborough, Phyllis Schlafly, Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, Janet Parshall

Get your tickets now, folks, I'm sure they're going fast.

Hat tip to edna at Matilda's Advice and Rants.

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