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Friday, March 17

GOP Might Get Even More Desperate For Votes

Everyone knows that the Republicans have pandered to christian fundamentalists in order to maintain their majority status because after all, the majority of Americans are not greedy corporate pigs and it's hard to get votes from the middle class when you represent CEO's and stockholders. The christian fundies aren't corporate pigs but their leaders are, so they are led by their intolerence turned hatred of homosexuals and those heterosexuals who have sex for pleasure.

Apparently the evangelical "leaders" are getting some flack from the flock because they are complaining to the GOP that they haven't done enough for the fundies also called "Core values voters". But what are core values and what do they have to do with Christianity? Not much. Nevertheless, the fundies may not turn out to vote if their demands aren't met. The GOP is worried.

Fundies believe that birth control and abortion cause promiscuity. Promiscuity is a threat to their marriages but birth control doesn't seem to do anything to stop it based on the number of teenage pregnancies throughout history. It's a threat to any relationship, gay or straight. Their religion isn't enough to make them behave themselves? They think a law will make people behave? Good luck. If hell fire doesn't scare people into submission... I don't know what will.

The leaders appear to be reflecting a growing sense of frustration among the Christian right, over what they see as a lack of legislative progress on issues such as banning same-sex marriages. -BBC News

They say that if gay people get married, it will threaten their marriages. Fundies are already insecure in their marriages or they wouldn't give a shit what anyone else was doing. Maybe a lot of them are gay but haven't acted on it and their ungay spouses are afraid that their partner will leave them for another person of the same sex if gay marriage is legalized. What other reason on earth can you think of that would make same sex marriages a threat to heterosexual marriages?

Why not ban divorce in their religion like the Catholics did? It's in the bible and it's very clear that Jesus did not approve of divorce. You don't even need to be a biblical exegete to figure that out. You don't see Catholics begging law makers to ban divorce. If you're a devout Catholic, then you endure your lousy spouse until death do you part and the sooner the better. Think "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf. Catholics voted for GOPsters based on the abortion issue regardless of the fact that the GOP also condones capital punishment and unjust wars. But Catholicism is a huge tax exempt enterprise so they make concessions and the flock obliges. If you're gay and devoutly Catholic, then you become a priest.

I've been unhappily married to a Catholic for 29 years and whether or not gay people get married has no bearing on my utter unhappiness and we vote Democrat all the time even though we're Republicans.

If fundy leaders banned divorce among their flock, then they wouldn't be able to deliver votes to their partners in the GOP. It's best to keep them afraid and full of hatred. I'm curious as to how this is going to play out. I suspect we'll see a big push against gay marriage again real soon. oy vay. What a smoke screen.

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