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Monday, March 27

God is rolling his eyes

Jesus wants you to have a cell phone with loads of entertainment features.
Allah wants your cell phone to remind you when it's time to pray.
Rabbi's claim they're not kosher. They want 'bare bones' phones.

After reading this story at, I can just see it now- the cell phone religious wars of 2006.

While orthodox rabbi's would like to see their flock using "kosher" (I'm not kidding) cell phones without oodles of features other than a ringer and the capability to call and receive calls, cell phone companies have also deemed that there is a niche market for all pious folks who need to let everyone else know just how holy they are with extra bells and whistles. My cell must be kosher.

T-Mobile and others for instance now offer christians, for only $5.99 extra/month, "a cellphone service that offers scriptures, Christian ring tones, and one-minute-long inspirational videos to subscribers who sign up on its Web site. The service's advertising slogan: "Have you talked to God today?""

Faith Mobile, originally called "godphone" will launch a service which will "provide subscribers sermons, news, movie reviews and other content."

There are all sorts of exciting ways for cellular phone companies to cash in on the faithful. They are creating a need for these services. We learned all about this in marketing. How about Christian Text Messaging where you can type in your special intentions and other subscribers can pray for you? Or text messaging 5 times a day to remind Muslims to pray? There are Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu and Sikh ring tones available to download on the innernets.

"Choosing a religious phone is one way a person who gives high salience to his or her religious identity can assert that importance in a public way," says William Swatos, the executive director of the Religious Research Association in Galva, Ill.


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