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Friday, March 24

Friday Freak Night

I think we all would agree, more or less, that Tom has some rather absurd beliefs.

So I was thinking, since Tom believes himself to be the font of all things, why don't our absurd beliefs garner such attention. Ya know?

So here's my proposal. Let's all come up with our most absurd, oddest or most contrarian claims or views that we believe. Something others would be shocked to know you think. It can be about anything. It's Friday Freak Night. So get your Freak on!.
Here's a example of some of mine to get you started.. Have fun, let it rip, let it roll.

1) Telling children they can be whatever they want to be is bad advice.

2) I no longer believe most people mean well.

3) The hot guy at the feed store has a "thing" for me. (okay, maybe that falls under wild fantasies)

4) I know longer believe that hard work pays off.

5) There has to be life on other planets.

6) Psychatry is in no way a valid science and has done more harm than good over the history of the human race.

7)Fuck Capitalism
Fuck Socialism
There has to be a better way.

8) It's just a matter of time before we will began to colonizing the moon or some other planet.

9) A new Bible will be printed making it a sin to be poor, widowed, uneducated or ill.

10) All politicians should be paid the minimum wage to show their solidarity with the poor.

11) No desire, no matter what the subject, can manifest into your experience as long as there is a vibrational difference between the desire and your practiced vibration. You have to practice yourself into into vibrational alignment with our desires before they will be realized in your experience.

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