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Tuesday, March 21

For ANY & ALL Displaced Louisianians due to Katrina!

If y'all know of ANY ANY ANY displaced Louisianians who've relocated to your area because of Katrina, PLEASEPLEASEPLEEEEEEASE forward this letter & these links from Common Cause to them, IMMEDIATELY!

(We have enough problems with people fucking around with voting in this country and especially in this state, and after they effectively destroyed the generations-long solid-Democratic voting bloc in New Orleans by dispersing the locals to hither and yon, WE NEED YOUR HELP!)

Displaced Louisiana voters need your help.

"If you are a registered voter of Louisiana who has been displaced as a result of Hurricane Katrina or Rita, you are eligible to vote in your home parish if you have not registered to vote in another parish or state."- Louisiana Secretary of State Al Ater

Help us get this message to displaced Louisianans in your city or state. Thousands of evacuees have moved several times since disaster struck their homes. Your local knowledge may be the only way for us to reach them.
Louisiana's primary election is scheduled to take place on April 22, 2006, and general election on May 20, 2006. There are also other local elections taking place this spring. Many changes have been made to Louisiana voting laws, dates, and polling places as a result of the hurricanes.
Time is very short. We need you to reach displaced voters with the information they need as soon as possible.
For information on how you can help, including handouts you can download and photocopy, visit our website at

For additional information, visit the Louisiana Elections Displaced Voters webpage at, email at:, or call 1-800-833-2805.

Thank you,
Dot Wirth
Common Cause Louisiana

(Tip of the old voting booth to MoMule for the heads-up!)

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