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Tuesday, March 21

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Just look at that face. Sheesh. It's a good thing he only appears in person to hand picked audiences. Can you imagine what sort of sneers he'd display if his audiences were your average Americans? Apparently he wasn't happy with the sort of questions and the number of questions his Ohio audience had for him yesterday.

How dare you question your president in a time of war!
What kind of message are you sending to the troops and the enemy?

After a similar display of 'teenaged boy in the principal's office' body language during the first debate with John Kerry, the leader of the free world's superpower was given instruction on how to handle himself during questioning. It seems he has laid the proper decorum to rest.

Think Progress has the stories and bigger pictures if you can stand it. (I really like that blog for political news, BTW)

First, the president, in the obviously uncomfortable position of having to answer a lot of questions asks the audience, “Anybody work here in this town?”. His ignorance is astounding as Think Progress points out that in fact, unemployment is up in Cleveland since he took office and is up in the whole state of Ohio for that matter.

Then he claimed once again that he never linked Iraq and 9/11. Puhlease. Even republicans who read the news aren't that stupid. Where on earth did all the Americans get the idea that Saddam had anything to do with 9/11 (Pew Research). As a matter of fact, I believe Cheney is still telling everyone that Iraq and 9/11 are linked. Bush and Dick obviously have some sort of evil scheme to tell different stories to the American people simultaneously, and then they have the nerve, the unmitigated gall, to deny they are doing so and act all pissy about it when they are questioned to boot. Those questioners were part of his base yesterday. Don't look at me.

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