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Thursday, March 23

An easy way to vote for the Koufax Awards

Don't have time to sit there waiting for the servers at Wampum to take you vote? Me neither and I want to vote in every category .

Send them an email (they do check IP addresses) (subject: Koufax)

Here's a list of categories to cut and paste:

Best Blog (non-pro):
Best Blog Community:
Best Blog (pro/sponsor):
Best Group Blog: BLONDESENSE
Best Post:
Best Series:
Best Writing:
Best Expert Blog:
Best Single Issue:
Most Humorous Blog:
Most Humorous Post:
Best state and local Blog:
More Deserving of Wider Recognition:
Best New Blog:
Best Commenter:

The blogs that are in the running for each category are listed here starting about a quarter way down the page.

Thank you.

Remember if we win, we will post nudie pictures.

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