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Wednesday, March 22

Dear Psycho Bitch, Boo Effin' Hoo

This is not something I usually would post, but man oh man, this caught my eye in the morning paper. This woman is a piece of work

True love covers sickness and health
Mar 22, 2006

DEAR AMY: Two years ago, I started an affair with a married man in my office. I never thought of doing such a thing. Everyone in our office thought the world of him and his wife, and thought what a wonderful husband and father he was. I flirted with him, and occasionally we would go out in a group. One evening he had a bit to drink and the next thing I knew he was confessing to boredom and dissatisfaction with his wife and his life. Well, I didn't think twice and we were involved in a full-fledged affair. He decided to leave his wife. She was devastated and fought to keep him, but we were so in love that she didn't stand a chance. She finally gave up. His three children barely speak to him. We are engaged and everything has been great, in spite of his estrangement from his children and the fact that his wife made out quite well in the divorce. Unfortunately, now he is sick and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I have had to take care of him and it's exhausting. No one in his family is willing to step up to help me. His children refuse to talk to me. I still love him and all that, but honestly, I don't want to nurse him and watch him die. I want to break it off, but I hate leaving him with no one. What should I do?


You can read what Amy has to say. You can probably guess what I have to say and I'll probably say so in the comments after I see what you would say.

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