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Friday, March 24


Who Is Killing New Orleans?
With each passing week of neglect--what Representative Barney Frank has labeled "a policy of ethnic cleansing by inaction"--the likelihood increases that most black Orleanians will never be able to return.
We figured out what was happening in NOLA as it was happening. Now read the details, the dirty details at the Nation. It's mind blowing. Bush's method of dealing with the poverty that he announced he'd take care of has been to get the po' folks out of there. I've seen that before.

Behind the scenes, there is most certainly a concerted effort to 'Eff NOLA in the ass without any lube'. Makes you realize that these neocons are shrewder than you thought. They hide behind the guise of incompetency, but they know what they are doing.

Hat tip to oddjob

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