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Tuesday, March 28

Calling all scientists...

I have this working thesis, and I want somebody to help me out with the research and/or acquiring of test subjects/human guinea pigs:


The main support for this thesis is that, day by day, I can feel myself getting dumber and dumber and more and more stressed out because of that (and by the stresses that are making me dumber in the first place).

And I have another line of thought here, which is not exactly parallel, but might be more than coincidental, since I've been feeling the draining of my intellect most strongly since I've had to re-locate here to Hillfuck Hellhole (the exemplifcation of every single stereotype of redneck mouth-breathers and cousin-fucking bible-bangers, since the nouveau-riche white trash have run off all of the old hippies/musicians/original weirdos who used to make this place so cool):


Any takers out there?

P.S.: Last-ditch begging attempt, if it matters at all: I'm closing the "donor moment" this week for the Great Reconstruction Of Annti's Smile, so if anybody else out there wants to feel like a hero for a minute, here's the PayPal addy: joannaagain (at)

Many many thanks to Liz, Archie, RSB, Redcane, SBGypsy, Stinkeye and MoMule herself!

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