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Friday, March 31

Body Armor Debacle Continues

For god's sake, I can't believe we are going over this again.

The Marines reported that Interceptor OTV Body Armor cost lives back in January. There was a whole big hoo ha over the private purchase of body armor by soldiers. I just posted again on Sunday the story of the body armor debacle. The batmitzvahpalooza daddy, David Brooks, is the defense contractor responsible for making the Interceptor OTV Body Armor, which costs lives according to the USMC, and is being sued over numerous securities violations, but most of all, knowingly selling thousands and thousands of Interceptor OTV Body Armor defective vests!!!!

Remember, the US rushed into war in Iraq without even having enough body armor to go around in the first place. Many troops and their families purchased their own body armor because our fabulous military was not prepared for a pre-emptive war for oil based on shoddy intelligence. The families probably did research and bought the best body armor, but naturally that wasn't the crappy body armor that the military bargained for.

So what's in the news again? Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor
They say that troops are wasting their money on substandard stuff. Excuse me? Doesn't the Army read the reports about the substandard crap that the US defense contractors are making?

Do the Army and the Marines even speak to each other? The Marines have not issued such a directive. Is the Army just trying to use up all the shitty body armor in stock? What are they smoking in the pentagon and should it be deemed illegal?

If you ask any war mongers about this debacle, they will tell you that the troops "volunteered".

But wait, there's more...
Blackwater USA is ready to become an Army for hire. Their employees make about $1000/day for combat duty. Wait wait wait. What kind of body armor will they be wearing? Why is the government willing to spend so much having a private army? Why not spend more money on the US Army? How is Blackwater affiliated with the Bush crime family? My head is spinning. Help.

Wait there's more...
Our returning soldiers regret what they had to do in Iraq. A chilling account at

"When I first got there, you could basically kill anybody you want. If you see anybody out here at night, shoot 'em. Just drop [plant] a shovel [i.e. evidence of an IED]."

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