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Friday, March 31

And you thought propaganda was only the tool of the commies

Well I was raised to believe that. When I grew up, I realized that the only difference between the US and the USSR was that the soviets knew they were being fed propaganda. Daddy, part of me wishes you were alive today to witness this.

The US has quite a propaganda machine as evidenced by our mass media. But there's even more: An article: The US Propaganda Machine: Oh, What a Lovely War over at, describes the pentagon's propaganda in Iraq... and it's a whopper.

They [newspaper reports for Iraqi's] were prepared by specially trained American "psy-ops" troops who paid thousands of dollars to Iraqi newspaper editors to run these unattributed reports in their publications. In order to hide its involvement, the Pentagon hired the Lincoln Group to act as a liaison between troops and journalists. The Lincoln Group was at the centre of controversy last year when it was revealed the company was being paid more than $100m (£58m) for various contracts, including the planting of such stories.

The Pentagon - which recently announced that an internal investigation had cleared the Lincoln Group of breaching military rules by planting these stories - has claimed these new reports did not constitute propaganda because they were factually correct. But a military specialist has questioned some of the information contained within their reports while describing their rhetorical style as "comical". Furthermore, it has been alleged that quotations contained within these reports and others - attributed to anonymous Iraqi officials or citizens - were routinely made up by US troops who never went beyond the perimeter of the Green Zone.
You should read this after you've had your coffee.

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