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Thursday, March 23

Afghanistan: This doesn't sound like a democracy to me

UPDate: Judd at Think Progress has the latest BS from Scottie Mac at the WH this afternoon regarding the story below. What a load of hypocrisy.


Our young men and women who enlisted after 9/11 in order to get bin Laden and free Afghanistan from tyrants didn't risk their lives and die for persecution of Christians.
Courts in control of convert's fate
KABUL, Afghanistan, March 22 (UPI) -- The government of Afghanistan says the courts will decide the fate of a man whose conversion to Christianity could result in his execution, a report said.

Abdul Rahman, 41, could be put to death under Sharia law for rejecting Islam and converting to Christianity 16 years ago, charges brought by his estranged family in a custody dispute over his two children.

While prosecutors, like the judge hearing the case, questioned Rahman's mental fitness to stand trial, a spokesman for Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the courts are an "independent system."

"This is a case that the family of the person brought against him. We are watching it closely and Afghanistan also respects human rights," a spokesman for Karzai told the BBC.

Officials from Canada, Germany, Italy and the United States expressed concern about Rahman's case.

The United States asked that Rahman be allowed to practice his faith but also said it did not want to interfere, the BBC reported.
Um, excuse me, but we don't want to interfere? What about the blue fingers?
Interfering is our middle name.
United Interfering States of America.

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