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Sunday, February 5

When Religion Trumps Science

We have a serious and growing problem in this country. It is perpetrated by men "of faith". Anytime you see that "of faith" suffix as in 'people of faith', it's a code word for 'sex is dirty' or 'women are dirty' or simply, "we can't control ourselves so you must not be able to either". It's all in the Old Testament. Sexual activity is but a necessary evil if you want to have children according to these people who seem to have more and more to do with government policy these days. They make a big deal about the abortion stats but it really boils down to their wanting to know who is having sex and why. It's a silly investigation because the answers are 1. Everyone and 2. Because it's fun. And I might add, we're in danger of nuclear annihilation, so what the hell. Pass out the birth control and eliminate unwanted pregnancies in the nuclear age while reducing the number of abortions in this country. No one is pro-abortion. I'd like to see no one who doesn't want a child having to resort to an abortion. Let's not get to that point.

When the abortion issue or Plan B comes up on the blog, male trolls always show up and add birth control to issue. It seems that they don't approve of that either. Why is it only men? hmmm. I have but one thing to say to men who are anti-birthcontrol: Don't have sex if you don't want to have kids and mind your own fucking business, goddammit.

I reported some time ago about Susan Wood who worked in the FDA on behalf of women. She didn't want anything that would harm women approved by the FDA. She finally quit when she couldn't take it anymore.

It seemed that a man, a man of faith of course, stepped all over her feet regarding the Plan B contraceptive pill, which is a synthetic form of the hormone progesterone, is almost 90 percent effective in preventing pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex. It's pretty much a strong birth control pill, not an abortion pill.

This man of faith "feared" that 10, 11, 12-year old girls would buy Plan B because it would increase sexual activity among that age group. He had no scientific reason to say that or even think that. Why would he think that? Is he spending too much time on internet kiddie porn sites? It was merely another way to put the screws into an abortion alternative (not getting pregnant in the first place) and to make sure that all women who engaged in sex whether consensual or not were doomed to being barefoot in the kitchen. Read Religion versus medicine: An insider’s story of political influence in the FDA for the complete story.

Our country is reverting to the dark ages. It is clearly pitted against women. See Anntichrist's post below about how women might eventually deal with intrusive men when push gets to shove. That should serve as a warning.

Here is some reading on a big Kansas situation that will make your hair curl: In Kansas, sexual relations for those under 16 must be reported to state officials. It's not the pregnancy that concerns officials but the ACT that caused it. Even if there is no pregnancy, Attorney General Phill Kline wants to know about it. He even interprets the law thusly: a girl under 16 giving oral sex to a boy of the same age may not have to reported, but a boy giving oral sex to a girl would break the law. WTF?
NYTimes reports that Mr Kline is under attack by the courts in Kansas for his intrusion into women's privacy issues. It's a chilling read. He is the Ken Starr of Kansas.
LATimes has more in this article: Spin the bottle, go to jail

I'd like to add that I was in HS before Planned Parenthood and The Pill. We were taught abstinence education (although the boys all had moldy condoms in their wallets which was a form of birth control in itself when the girl took one look at it. Ewwww.) and oral sex, yes oral sex long before Monica made it popular, was all the rage as a backseat stress reliever. (I'll smack anyone who claims that President Clinton is the reason young people have oral sex. Sheesh.)

Yet many of us were born or had kids because of the absense of complete sex education.
Back then however, a family could exist on one income. Not today. Not that I am complaining. I was adopted because my birth parents were 16 year old kids. But talk about living an awkward life in a family that you really don't belong to. That shit stays with you.

Today, do we really want your kid's dreams to be shattered if they become parents while they are still kids themselves and end up taking turns flipping burgers for a living? Well yes, if you are a vindictive, angry parent. Teach abstinence and self control, absolutely, but let our youth know how to avoid disease and unwanted pregnancy ...and then have children of their own when the time is right.

Just watch the Springer show to see the results of unplanned parenthood

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