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Monday, February 27

Trip to Merry Olde England

My, but being from the UK is getting interesting. Let us see if we can follow the tinfoil dots (and yes, I'm sleep deprived so bear with me)

English legend says that a terrible evil will befall the kingdom if the Tower of London loses its ravens, which have lived at the landmark for more than 300 years. - enter the H5N1 bird flu, most recently spotted in migratory ducks in France.

America's secret service had been monitoring the Bruichladdich distillery because the difference between distilling a fine whisky and making chemical weapons was “just a small tweak”.

Yep, apparently our government is afriad not only of sex, but of whiskey too. Although they should know that popular myth has God creating whiskey to keep the Irish (and Scots) from taking over the world (Personally I'm good with the whole Celts rulling the world, gotta love a man in a kilt)

And now we find out that Chimpy is as bad at following the laws of other country's as he is at following ours, is ANYONE surprised by this?

In Scotland, an accident such as the one at Gleneagles could have led to police action. Earlier this year, Strathclyde Police issued three fixed penalty notices to errant cyclists as part of a crack-down on rogue riders. Legal experts also suggested lesser mortals could have ended up with a fixed penalty fine, prosecution, or at least a good ticking-off from officers. - It seems the officer was injured so badly that he was out for 14 weeks.

Anything else to add to the list? What about the prime minister? I saw that the mayor of London was suspended for four weeks due to Nazi comments. And let us not forget the Downing Street Memo, the pending lawsuit looking to charge the Iraqi war as a crime of aggression and a few other memorable (and hopeful) events.

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