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Saturday, February 25

The Tide May Be Turning

After all the horrible news of the past week, perhaps some bits of hope might be welcomed. Or if not hope at least a few instances where the administration is facing a bit of a fight.

Scott Tooley, a Republican, and former Congressional aide and law school graduate, educated at renowned Christian universities, has filed suit against the President, Vice President and relevant federal agencies for their illegal surveillance programs.

The complaint was filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Friday, February 17, 2006. Mr. Tooley is represented by Larry Klayman, former Chairman of Judicial Watch and former U.S. Senate candidate from Florida.

WASHINGTON - A federal judge dealt a setback to the Bush administration on its warrantless surveillance program, ordering the Justice Department on Thursday to release documents about the highly classified effort within 20 days or compile a list of what it is withholding.

Initially, Google resisted the request from the DoJ and in court documents filed over the weekend has formally rejected it. The 25 page document uses strong language to criticise the request for a list of the search terms used in a typical week.

The document expressed its disbelief in US government assertions that the list of search words would help understand user behaviour.

"This statement is so uninformed as to be nonsensical," comments the document.

State Senator Outraged, Says Machines, Certification Violates State, Federal Standards and Law... SoS' Own Report Agrees! McPherson Waits Until 5pm Friday of Holiday Weekend to Announce!

Last summer, after a massive mock election test with Diebold touch-screen machines revealed that 10% of them failed entirely with screens freezing and printers jamming -- later reports would reveal that as many as 30% of the machines actually failed!

Re-inspection in light of the news out of Leon County, Florida that the memory cards used "interpreted code" which is specifically banned by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). A "hack test" in that county revealed that an entirely election could have its results flipped by a hacker exploiting that "interpreted code" -- without a trace being left behind.

Campaigners ask courts to rule Iraq war a 'crime of aggression'
Britain's most senior judges will be asked today for a ruling that could lead to the war in Iraq being declared an illegal "crime of aggression". Until now, the courts have taken the view that they cannot rule on the Crown's prerogative powers to wage war. But today the law lords will start hearing appeals by peace protesters who claim they were entitled to commit "criminal" acts in an attempt to prevent what they saw as the greater crime of launching an illegal war.

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