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Friday, February 24

They Have Named It The Long War

The sun is shining but it is a dark day in southeastern North Carolina with Donald Rumsfeld jetting in for a ceremony to welcome the marines into the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) with the launch of the Marine Special Operations Command (MARCOC). This story is the headline on the local fishwrap this morning and I haven't been able to find it on the newswires yet. It may get five seconds on the evening news tonight certainly not enough time to consider all of the implications of the story.

It's part of a long-range plan as reported here by CNN on Feb. 3, 2006.

Here is Dick Cheney swooning with joy over it last summer. Yes, Iran/Conta taught him the importance of having secret forces doing covert operations all over the world. These boys do it all from setting up hospitals and providing aid to training death squads and overthrowing elected governments. They came to mind this week when I heard of the destruction of the golden mosque. Come on, you know you thought the same thing. If you didn't maybe you should brush up on some history.

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