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Tuesday, February 21

So It's All God's Fault

Everything that happens is God's fault according to America’s Providential History, by Mark A. Beliles and Stephen K. McDowell, who call it Divine Providence, and I call bullshit but fun reading. They do have a point though, but it's buried in fantastic allegory.

Various Excerpts From Harpers, Thy Kingdom Come:
"God’s plan for the nations has been unfolding in a specific geographic direction. This geographical march of history is called the Chain of Christianity or the Chain of Liberty. It seems as if God’s direction is westward."

"During the Revolutionary War, God performed many miracles on behalf of the American army, for God desired to see America win its struggle for freedom, become a nation, and fulfill its divine purposes."

"During the Civil War, the Confederate Army’s phenomenal success in almost every major battle induced Abraham Lincoln to seek God for the reasons why." Then Lincoln invoked God and the whole thing changed.

"After the war an ungodly, radical Republican element gained control of the Congress. They wanted to centralize power and shape the nation according to their philosophy. In order to do this, they had to remove the force of Calvinism in America..."

"The loss of Christian character and responsibility led to the failure of many state banks in the early 1900s. In an effort to remedy this situation, power was granted to a Federal Reserve Board in 1913. But this unbiblical economic structure produced even greater problems."

"While many secularists view the world as overpopulated, Christians know that God has made the earth sufficiently large, with plenty of resources to accommodate all the people He knew would come into existence. All the 5 billion people on the earth could live in the state of Texas in single-family homes with front and back yards and be fed by production in the rest of the United States."

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