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Monday, February 27


Miss Missouri Mule JUST got home, and she's all in one piece, and the surgery went WONDERFULLY, and they have got her on the BEST drugs possible. So, while she feels like she's been beat-down with a 2-by-4, she really doesn't CARE.

So, there's your news alert for the day --- Miss Vicki is back on the ranch, and Long-Sufferin' is deserving a two-week vacation in Bermuda... And she knows that all of y'all have been worried sick about her crazy behind, and she just wants to let everybody know that she appreciates all of the kind thoughts & words that y'all have sent her way.

She's gonna be pretty much blind for the next 6 weeks, until the next surgery, but she IS going to have Long-Sufferin', Liz & me to read the blog to her, so she will DEFINITELY be keeping abreast of things here in BlondeLand, and she said to tell everybody howdy, send y'all a big hug, and to let y'all know that she'll be out there lurkin' her ass off... Which is probably good, 'cause from the way she sounded on the phone, her spelling is the least of her worries right now... heh heh heh... That's our Mule.

Oh, and the reason we haven't been able to track her or Long-Sufferin' down all this time is, they left the cellphone in AMES, IOWA, at the hotel they stayed at on the way up to Mayo Clinic, but they stopped back by on the way home, and got all of our messages, to boot!

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