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Monday, February 27

Plan B, Emergency Contraception in the News Again

I'm thinking that if you live in a red state, you ought to get your friends together and start educating your legislators about emergency contraception, namely Plan B. Citizens simply don't know what it's all about and legislators are making moral decisions for them for political gain. What's more, making Plan B hard to get actually may increase the chances for actual abortions to take place... and I thought we were trying to make abortions happen less. Silly me.

Right now, almost every state is embroiled in discussions over whether to make Plan B, which is a large dose of a birth control pill and not an abortion pill, more accessible or less accessible. It appears to be a red state/blue state thing. Unfortunately for those who live in red states, legislators who claim to be "pro-life" are trying to make it very hard for women to have access to emergency contraception after unprotected sex. These people pay no attention to science and medicine but consider that stopping an egg from being fertilized is akin to abortion. This is absolutely untrue. This is more proof that so many Americans are left behind ... or they just weren't paying attention in biology class as to when a pregnancy actually begins.

What's even more shocking is that there is a debate about whether or not to have Plan B available in emergency rooms for women who are raped. Catholic hospitals say they will refuse to administer Plan B.

Misogy-nazis: When I studied moral theology in the Catholic seminary, one of the reasons that Catholic theologians were against invitro fertilization was that the conception was missing the loving interaction between the couple. Yes, the physical part of pro-creating was not there and that was a big issue. It was all about love AND the physical act. (I remember that I had a lot to say about that as you can imagine.)

Now doesn't it seem strange that if a woman is raped, and we are talking about a possible conception based on hate and violence (not to mention that a rapist's violent tendencies could be further introduced into the gene pool) that simply giving the woman an option to prevent the egg from being fertilized, but not causing an abortion if the egg was already fertilized, would be the loving thing to do -to help the young woman heal from emotional and physical battering she underwent because of a deranged person's actions without furthering subjecting her to carrying the child of a rapist? She should be further punished by having to carry a hated life to birth when that life didn't even have to begin in the first place? Are these Catholic hospitals so inhumane as to believe that a raped woman's possible conception is blessed by god? This is yet another reason, that I am glad I am not Catholic anymore.

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