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Saturday, February 25

Only On Fox

What Was I Just Talking About In the Previous Post?

Conservatives always look on the bright side.

If they can see a bright side to a civil war, then I want to know what they sip at happy hour.

Screen Shots Courtesy of Media Matters

Well it's not only Fox that is looking at the upside of a civil war in Iraq...

A pundit on CNN (via Think Progress) says "I think actually these attacks on Shia shrines can be attributed to the potential success of the Bush strategy."

So there ya go. When I tried to view the world as a conservative on Friday's post titled, "A Call For Peace" (Scroll down one post), I was right there with the president and the corporate media new channels! Who knew? Unfortunately while I was able to pay lip service to looking at the brighter side of disasters, in my heart I didn't feel it. I certainly hope I am wrong and that there is hope for Iraq. We'll see, now won't we?

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