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Thursday, February 23

Mississippi gets one right... ?

As unbelievable as it may seem, I'm actually almost wanting to side with the State of Mississippi against the ACLU on this one.

Putting the names & faces of "the most egregious cases" of sex offenders, especially those found guilty of statutory rape on BIG-ASS BILLBOARDS, all over the state of Mississippi --- yeah, on the one hand, it is more than vaguely reminiscent of "Big Brother" and the wall where they hung the bodies of those "convicted" of sex crimes in "The Handmaid's Tale" --- after the womenfolk had shredded them with their bare hands (but not NEARLY as permanent); on the other hand, can there really BE a punishment harsh enough for douchebags of this caliber? And don't tell me that "She lied about her age!" --- if you're old enough to be too old to fuck a minor, YOU KNOW BETTER.

The ACLU says that if they're "already serving," then what's the point?

Here's a hint:


If only we could do so much in my own apartment building, which currently houses two douchebags convicted of molestation of minors, in a federally-subsidized building that HAS OVER A DOZEN KIDS LIVING HERE.

Like maybe lifesized cutouts of the two molesters in question, spray-painted with "CHILD MOLESTER!" in bright blood red, posted in the lobby for all visitors to see...

(And yes, I've been nagging Rural Development about this shit since I moved in, still waiting to see some action... And see how long it takes for the crooked-ass management company to find a reason to evict MY ass...)

BUT: Here's the problem(s): 1. Will every one of these alleged scumbags be convicted using the most up-to-date DNA technology available? With Mississippi's budget, don't hold your breath. I'm sure that they'll be convicted, but we won't know 100% if they're really the scumbags who did it. They've been wrong before, as have all of the other 49.

2. One thing that the Hinds County public defender brought up, and I think that it's a very salient point: How is going to feel, to the children/young women/young men who've been victimized, to be rolling down U.S. 61, and to see the face, about 20' high, of the animal who abused them? I'll take "SHITTY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE" for $1,000, Alex.

Obviously, this is just another attempt to pander to the fearful suburbanite/rural white voters of Mississippi, to give them the ILLUSION that their government CAN protect them and WILL, when there is no such guarantee either promised or delivered. It's like promising old people that they won't get mugged down at the Piggly Wiggly, or telling someone who's lost a loved one to senseless drugs/violence/modern life that you're "fighting" for stricter punitive sentences: It sounds good, it might feel good, but it ain't really gonna deliver SHIT.

What the State of Mississippi NEEDS to do is to EDUCATE THEIR YOUNG PEOPLE. Equip them to defend themselves. TEACH YOUNG PRETEEN GIRLS THAT IT'S NOT COOL TO BE A MOMMY IN 5TH GRADE, AND NO, A 20-YEAR-OLD GUY DOES *NOT* REALLY "LOVE" THEM. The State Of Mississippi needs to do something about teenaged mothers who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground about raising their OWN kids, much less their GRANDkids, before they're THIRTY.

A little fucking sex education would be a good start.

(Of course, this goes QUADRUPLE for the State Of Louisiana.)

Teaching those girls how to remove testicles from the human body could be an excellent second step.

(It only requires 16 pounds of pressure to do so. Even with fibromyalgia & arthritis, I still have 45 lbs. of pressure in my left hand and 60 in my right.)

Now, as to the ACLU protecting the "privacy" of convicted child molesters, or considering this to be "cruel and unusual punishment"?


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