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Thursday, February 16

Maybe They Will Hire Osama to Guard Our Ports

We already know that we are being driven into hell by the neocons, but this takes the cake...

Washington lawmakers on Thursday expressed deep reservations about Dubai Ports World’s £3.9bn acquisition of P&O, the UK-based port operator, on the grounds that the deal represented a potential national security threat, and demanded that the White House re-open a regulatory review of the deal.

Yeppers, an Arab company would operate 6 east coast ports in the US- NY and NJ among them. The White House was just fine with this. Some senators are up in arms about this and rightfully so. The WH will probably shut them up and we'll soon be guarded by the 'axis of evil'.

Just how fucking stupid do the neocons think we are? Why they think we are idiots and that we wouldn't even notice that this is the most ass backwards thinking ever. Ever.

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