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Wednesday, February 15

Let Bygones Be Bygones

The NY Times has an article about psychoanalysis.

"At the moment," he said, "there is no evidence that understanding the origins of your problems is necessary for effective psychotherapy. And there is some evidence that a preoccupation with the past can actually interfere with making changes in the present.

"Obsessive rumination about past events can trap patients in a self-defeating cycle from which they cannot extricate themselves. It can actually retard healing."
Sure it's fun to sometimes get loaded talk about how your parents were drunk and how they beat you and compare notes with your friends, but if you're an adult, but you just have to let that stuff go after a while and/or write a book or a sitcom (my son has threatened to write a sitcom about our family). If you still have problems as a grown up, then you have to work on you. You can't change your parents. It's funny to have read this because this week my pill pusher mentioned that we do a little psychotherapy because while I am not depressed at the moment thanks to all the SSRI's, I am still holding myself back from doing what I want to do and what I know is right for me (get off this island). Rather than taking years to pinpoint what caused this procrastination, we are just going to work on me getting off my ass and taking the steps to achieve my goals. Amen.

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