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Wednesday, February 22

Latin America, the Newest Threat?

*Oiy, my first blog entry and I see NC Gal has the same topic. I’ll have to try harder next time*

So, has anyone else been following the Hugo Chavez tempest that is currently brewing to our South?

C Rice, our shoe-fetish Secretary of State seems to be going out of her way to inflame President Chavez (some of you may remember him as the man whose assassination was called for by televangelist Pat Robertson) and cause as much anger and indignation as possible in Central and South America.

While most of the USA’s citizenry is fixated on the Middle East and Muslims in general, things have been quickly spiralling out of control much closer to home. Bolivia and Chile have just elected far-left leaders and Peru looks to elect the VERY militant Ollanta Humala in April. And President Fox will more than likely be voted out of office in Mexico this July, possibly to be replaced by noted anti-US candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. And considering the porous nature of our Southern borders this should send the gun toting minute men into an absolute frenzy.

Now, before you think I’m going overboard on this, let me fill you in on a few details. Venezuela sits on approximately 8.5% of the world’s oil reserves and they are now the subject of an embargo. The administration is blocking US companies from sending them parts to fix and maintain their oil drilling and refining equipment. The Venezuelan government has evicted a group of evangelical ’missionaries’ for spying on the Venezuela for the CIA. Add to that US authorities “saw fit to enforce its own laws on other sovereign nations” by insisting that the Sheraton Maria Isabel (a hotel in Mexico City) expel 16 Cuban Energy Officials from their rooms. ( translated article here) The officials were there to meet with American Energy Officials and was situated in Mexico due to the trade embargo (still) in effect against Cuba. (Helms-Burton Act).

Now before you root Chavez on (tempting though it is) you should be aware that he has suggested an ‘indefinite’ extension of his term. But in his defence I don’t think there is anyone running against him. (translated story here )

Now, playing the devil here I have to wonder what the USA is thinking. I am sure that Venezuela could easily get the correct parts from Russia or China or Japan. Cuba (as you may recall from the Bay of Pigs) is close enough to become a REAL threat if another nation placed a military base or weapons there. And Mexico… well it wouldn’t take much for an army to come marching across the border would it, and don’t you feel comforted by the Administrations response to Katrina? I mean, surely they’ll do just as well with something of this nature, dontcha think?

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