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Tuesday, February 14

The Latest on The Mysterious Dead Eye Dick

Typical of the secrecy that surrounds the fascist administration.

Think Progress reports that Cheney was hunting illegally. He didn't have the bird stamp. But he was issued a warning. The NY Times reports that Cheney sent a $7 check to the hunting department in Texas for the bird permit.

It is also reported that hunting injuries are very very rare. Texas had only 2.7 hunting accidents per 100,000 hunting licenses. That's pretty rare and it is a big deal that this happened because hunters are usually very careful unless of course they are drunk (don't forget that Cheney has 2 felony convictions for drunk driving). Of course, Cheney isn't a real hunter because he hunts in those fake hunting grounds where it's like shooting fish in a barrel. Furthermore, the Secret Service prohibited Texas sheriffs from interviewing Cheney. They probably didn't have enough breath mints handy.

Jon Stewart had the most fun reporting on Dick's antics. "What kind of hunting story begins with, "Getting out of your car?" You can watch it at Crooks and Liars if you missed it. Rob Courddry had this to say and I cracked up:

Courdry: "Jon, tonight the Vice President is standing by his decision to shoot Harry Whittington. Now according to the best intelligence available, there were quail hidden in the brush. Everyone believed at the time-there-were-quail in the brush. And while the quail turned out to be the 78 year old man. Even knowing that today, Mr. Cheney insists-he still would have shot Mr. Whittington in the face.

The Washington Note reports that Valerie Plame was working on Iran WMD watching efforts and "If Cheney & Co. outed one of the key intelligence operations monitoring the inputs and outputs of Iran's nuclear program -- then Cheney & Co. did vast damage to our ability to know what is real and contrived inside Iran." I would add, that they wanted it that way.

Raw Story reports that the administration paid $2 billion in 2 years for PR. It costs a lot to keep Americans misinformed.

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