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Tuesday, February 14

Is Iran Next?

It's kind of strange how the US corporate media isn't covering a possible attack on Iran and yet the foreign press is all over a looming US attack on Iran (supposedly in late March). Check out the google links.

Foreigners seem to think that Americans are stupid people who believe everything that their government tells them. How could they think that?

The other night I was speaking with my mom-in-law who lives in NH and is a faithful Lush Bimbo listener. Somehow she raised 6 pretty progressive kids, but that's because they all grew up in NY and went to Catholic schools here. We got to talking about world politics and I expressed my disgust at this administration's total disregard for truth telling, etc etc. She immediately told me that she was very disappointed that I was an al Qaida sympathizer. WTF! She asked me if I didn't remember what happened on 9/11? Excuse me? Where do I live? Antartica? We weren't even talking about 9/11 or OBL, but sure enough, once I mentioned that I suspect our government's fascist intentions and corporate interests while cruel capitalism is destroying our country, then I was immediately put into the terrorist supporter category.

I asked, "Are you still listening to Rush?"
She said, "Of course."
I said, "But he's a mouthpiece for the fascists and a liar."
And she said, "Well if he was a liar, then he would be charged with lying and put in jail."
That was the end of my discussion with her.

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