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Monday, February 13

Hundreds of Teens Will Not Fuck on Valentine's Day

Many have vowed to make Valentine's Day a "Day of Purity".

Teens from about 200 schools and about 800 youth groups plan to participate, said Rena Lindevaldsen, a lawyer who put aside her customary work of litigating against same-sex marriage to coordinate the day's activities. She's encouraging teens to download and sign chastity pledges — and to spread the word with posters in the school cafeteria, letters to the local paper, and free handouts of white bracelets and T-shirts. (LA Times)

I had no idea that it was formerly a day of sex for teens. I thought it was a day of candy. It was when I was a teenager. Nevertheless it warms the cockles of my heart to know that hundreds of teens will not turn Valentines Day into an orgy.

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