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Monday, February 13

Homina Homina Homina

Scott McClellan was under fire today over the shooting incident on Saturday and it not being reported until Sunday. [Transcript at Raw Story] Scottie said that he heard there was a shooting accident on Saturday night but didn't know that Dead Eye Dick was the shooter until 6am on Monday.

I find it strange that people in the WH weren't talking about the VP accidentally shooting someone. But that is his story and he's sticking to it. He said the facts came in in bits and pieces but not the part about Cheney. They were more concerned about the victim at that point... yeah right.

He is a pretty lousy press liason because when asked who the third hunter in the party was [it was Pamela Willeford, US Ambassador to Switzerland-a Bush appointee], McClellan said he didn't know. He often referred reporters to ask Cheney's staff for particular answers. You would think that he would have had all the answers before he stood before an inquiring press who were lax in not asking whether or not they were waiting for the VP to sober up before making the news public.

Scott also said that everyone agreed that the owner of the ranch should report the news to the media. Now how ridiculous is that? He said that she and Dead Eye spoke about it and he told her to go ahead. It makes no sense that the most secretive and media controlling vice president in the history of the US wouldn't want to have his staff spin a golden yarn about the incident rather than having it dispersed by a civilian.

Give me a break. The whole thing reeks. I suspect that the VP's party was waiting to see if the victim was going to die before they decided what to do about it. How McClellan doesn't have a nervous breakdown on the job surprises me every time there is a breaking story. How can he not know details?

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