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Thursday, February 16

Cruising the Internet Superhighway

The NY Times article starts with, "BEWARE, ladies."

I'd also say it should be followed by BEWARE, men. Beware anyone who has tried internet dating.

There are a variety of new websites popping up whereby a scorned woman can report a "bad" man. In the age of internet dating, I can see where there might be some place where a married man who only purports to be single on a matchmaking site should be reported. But this apparent trend reported in the NY Times where women can report all types of male transgressions in dating (including having less hair in person that was on a dating profile) makes you really wonder what is beneath the surface.

How can you tell if it's the man who is bad or if the woman scorned is crazy? You can't. The women remain anonymous while the man's name, location, photograph and description are all out there for the world to see.

Don' is a database of cheating men. was created to "help women avoid wasting time dating cheating men, lying men, abusive men or just plain assholes." How nice. One woman's 'asshole' may be another woman's treasure, though. The site also goes by the name "Women Savers."

In contrast, is where both men and women can "share reviews of whether the information in people's online dating profiles is true or not." Some people are rated kindly. Some are lambasted for being shorter than their profiles indicated. I checked.

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