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Thursday, January 26

Trend or omen?

Another woman has killed her (ex-) husband. I'm kinda surprised that it isn't the slavering-rabid-rottweiler Crusade Du Jour at FAUX News... "Psycho Post-Fertile Females Go On Murderous Rampages Across The Heartland!!!"

'Cause y'all know damned well that if they weren't so busy propping up Alito's hollow paper ass, they'd be allllllllllllll over this shit. It's even better than the "Your Weekly Missing White Woman Panic!!!" that's been so successful for them. AND it has the added appeal of having white male VICTIMS.

Sorry, guys, no offense, but your fellow Y-chromosomers are really pissing me off these days, and I'm pretty fucking sick and tired of the back-handed sexism that has taken over what Murkins call a "culture." Teenaged to twenty-something women who actually believe that their ability to "snare" a MAN is more important than an EDUCATION or a CAREER or any kind of PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENT aside from spreading their legs and pumping out a few plump little mewling units. And even for the more "ambitious" ones for whom it's just "youthful exhuberance"... They still hold their hot little appearances as their supposed "trump card" against any feminist argument. ("You're just jealous 'cause you're not this young and HOT!") And I know, I can't "blame" men for women being that fucking self-destructive and shallow and greedy. But I can damned sure blame them for perpetuating this shit in the mass media ad nauseum, ad infinitum.

Getting a MANNNNNNNN is the whole fucking point behind HOW MANY fucking "game shows" and "reality shows"???

Linking a MANNNNNNN with MONEY and SUCCESS is the whole fucking joke of a "plot" for HOW MANY prime-time "fictional" and "reality" shows?

Women have to compete. Duh. When they're competing based on SKILL, TALENT, INTELLECT, ABILITY, fuck --- even PURE BRASS OVARIES --- that, I can deal with and maybe even appreciate.

But when the whole fucking POINT of entire NETWORKS are to make couch-potato guys feel more "virile" by showing hour after hour of "JUGGIES" and bimbos in high heels twisting their ankles in the woods while being chased by a fucking SERIAL KILLER, and when I haven't seen a rap song besides "Jesus Walked" (don't get me started) that doesn't refer to women as PIECES OF MEAT and GOLD-DIGGERS in what? --- TEN YEARS --- it's not a conspiracy theory.

It's our "culture." Or should I say, "CULT-ure."

I've watched it happen twice thus far in my lifespan, and I'm pretty fucking sick of it. And hell yes, I'm pissed as hell at young women who take what us older broads went through FOR GRANTED. Or as IRRELEVANT to their hot, sexy, sugar-daddy-gettin' lives.

It's not a coincidence, either. Porn culture on the rise is not a shocking development, is it? Who developed the internet? Geeks who couldn't get laid who now own entire ISLANDS. Men who equate "power" with arm-candy and material possessions. Who is drawn to this kind of environment and to watching their "fellow" geeks "overcome"? Other guys who feel powerless and resentful of women who don't give a shit about them. And what does this encourage?

Do I really have to draw y'all a picture?

I'm not anti-porn, as nobody can be exploited if they're an adult who knows how to turn a door knob and walk the fuck away. If you're messing with kids & critters, well, you shouldn't be on my planet in the first fucking place. And if a woman is in porn to support a drug habit and THAT is her "exploitation" by men (and women!) who know how to use that against her, well, then PORN is not her primary problem.

The problem here is with males (I hesitate to label them "men," because I have quite a few friends who are men, and I would not want to insult them by association) who are too immature and too shallow and too selfish to separate FICTION from REALITY. The problem here is with entire INDUSTRIES, populated by men AND women, that make their coin off of the nekkid backs of girls who think that their body is all that they have to offer.

This is not "revenge of the nerds." I am a nerd, I've been surrounded by nerds all of my life and they're generally pretty damned good people. This is revenge of the lazy-assed little brats who feel like women OWE THEM SOMETHING. Like life has taken something away from them, whether through bad parenting or hard luck or flat-out cruelty, and that their "just desserts" are to make WOMEN PAY FOR THAT.

And this is not just little nouveau-riche-suburban-white-trash partaking of this orgy of deprication. It spans every gawddamned color line on the planet.

And I'll tell you another "coincidence" --- the harder the cults ("religions") push to keep dominance over their sheeple, the more that this shit proliferates. And when do the bible-banging mouth-breathers (and every other fucking fanatic on the planet) feel like they OWN US?

(wait for it...)


Sex IS politics, kids. Keeping one group of people down, "in their place," earning less, meaning less, "worth" less --- THAT IS THE POINT BEHIND ALL MASS MIND CONTROL, from politics to "patriotism" to cults to television & film. Keep YOUR ass down so that I get to keep all of the money and all of the power.

And most women DON'T EVEN SEE IT. That's what pisses me off the most. They've sold their souls and their potential and their dreams for what fucking lowlife MARKETERS have told them to want. And they THINK that they're "trading UP."

And yeah, I know the first words out of the trolls' mouths here will be, "But you're just an unemployed disability loser washout, nursing at the 'public teat'! You can't bitch about the REAL WORLD!"

To which I reply, as ever, THE FUCK I CAN'T.

I didn't just drop out of the sky onto the Social Security rolls. I've struggled uphill my entire life against the Good Old Boy Network, the inherent sexist bullshit of Southern radio, the everyday mundane sexism and bullshit and politics of every menial job on the fucking planet. And I have had to fight for it, every fucking time. Any woman who is naive enough to think that sexism and a 1950s mentality isn't alive and kicking in America either is one damned lucky prodigy or has some reallllllly good connections.

If there's a point here, it's that I'm sick and fucking tired of my country being stolen by immature peckerheads who have the emotional depth of dog spit and the cultural intelligence of a used condom. I'm sick and fucking tired of watching brilliant young women ALLOW men to treat them like shit because they (the men, of course) make good money and drive the right car, like that's how it's SUPPOSED TO BE. I'm sick and fucking tired of women seeing only THE BOTTOM LINE to every part of their lives, and never once stopping to think that they are WORTH MORE than the useless baubles that some guy may throw at them. And I'm REALLY sick and fucking tired of the FLAMING ASSHOLES getting all of the "upscale" girls, because the DECENT GUYS aren't going to try to BUY THEIR AFFECTIONS. Granted, the chicks who go for the flaming assholes are probably also assholes all on their own, but it pisses me off that they think that THOSE ARE THEIR ONLY OPTIONS.

And if I ever found myself in an elevator with that little kumquat troll that created "Girls Gone Wild"... Well, let's just say that it won't be pleasant. I know, I know, the girls get drunk/stoned/what-the-fuck-ever and ALLOW themselves to be ripped-off (after all, the only "profits" that THEY ever make are CHEAP-ASS SWEATSHOP-MADE T-SHIRTS) by this douchebag --- but y'know, I just think that if the situation ever arose, he just really oughta "take one for the team."

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