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Saturday, January 14

The Swift Boating of Vietnam Vets

As someone who has no idea what it's like to serve my country in the military because I was in college during the Vietnam war and they weren't drafting babes (just my boyfriends), I still have an opinion about it in light of all the news I've been reading lately.

On one hand, you have the administration warning Americans that speaking out against bush's fascist war policies gives comfort to our enemies and ruins the morale of the troops fighting for our freedom in Iraq while on the other hand Vietnam war heros such as John Kerry and Jack Murtha get swift boated for their service because they dare speak their minds years after they performed their service militarily and continue to serve their country in government.

Now what kind of morale boost is that for our troops? Do you not think that some of them are wondering that perhaps some day they might continue to serve their country in public office, but perhaps their military service may be thrown back in their faces and discredited? If I were in the trenches now and was hearing that former soldier's ribbons and medals were under question 30 years later, it would really bum me out. It would be disheartening to know that my fellow Americans who are trying to get me out of that middle eastern sand trap were being silenced too. Maybe, just maybe I could think of something better to do than try to avoid being blown up because I was trained for combat and this is not combat.

Waddaya need your arms and legs blown off in order for anyone to respect you after a war? Wait. No. Max Cleland was swift boated and he is living proof that he risked his life for his country. Look what the fascists did to him! John McCain has been swift boated by his own party.

On one hand the fascists are all 'rah rah war' and on the other hand, they demonstrate time and time again that the troops are not human beings, but fighting machines and guinea pigs who are expendable.

Does swift boating not give comfort to our enemies? Oh you can bet your ass that it does. Put the shoe on the other foot. Say that Iraq really was an enemy and a threat to our country. It would give me comfort knowing that the enemy troop's morale was plummeting. Our troop's morale isn't being plummeted by those who are trying to get them out of there.

Our troop's morale will surely drop if they see Vietnam war vets being treated the way they are in our country. Why serve in the military if someday there's a chance you may be swift boated? Maybe they want their families and friends back home to try to get them the hell out of there. Remember, they are not allowed to say what they are really thinking when they are on active duty. Their lines are scripted when they speak to the president on camera. Maybe they would want their mom's to be like Cindy Sheehan were they to die. I suspect that they would.

Saddam was our enemy- not the citizens whom we are fighting now. If it gives the Iraqi's comfort to know that anti-war sentiment is growing in America, so the hell what. They aren't my enemy.

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