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Wednesday, January 25

Sweet Sweet Story

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about aging, the top one being "It won't happen to me." Ha! Hide and watch, buckwheat. It'll happen, all right, and much sooner than you can possibly imagine.

Another wrongheaded notion is thinking that, just because the outside of us changes, we also change on the inside. Wrong. People don't change---they get more and more the same. Once I saw in the paper that an eighty-three-year-old woman got her old self thrown in the slammer for stabbing her husband to death. He was ninety-five!

A psychiatrist quoted in the article expressed the professional opinion that aging doesn't necessarily make someone a better person. Apparently not---that guy'd had ninety-five years to get better, and he did not use his time wisely. (Bless her heart, she just could not wait another minute for him to die.)

The old woman was placed among the general female population at the jail and was evidently quite the favorite among the inmates. The jailer reported that the other women were all helping her out any way they could. That is the sweetest story. Don't we all hope that if we find ourselves newly incarcerated when we're nearly a hundred, the other girls will be nice to us?

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