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Monday, January 30

State Of The Union

Soon our fearless leader, Chimp Boy, will appear in all his Glory to speak of the condition of Amerka. He'll stand there smirking and carefully read the well-rehearsed words on the teleprompter.

He will wave the flag of 9/11 to defend his criminal spying on the American citizens and ask them to "trust me." "I'm keeping you safe, children", and then he'll spread fear of another attack on the homeland. Of course he won't mention New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf Coast where the destruction was even greater than 9/11 in loss of life and property. Where the rubble of the WT Center was cleared away, shipped overseas in record time and with little concern for the health of the workers or the residents, the rubble of New Orleans still lies rotting in the street, along with innumerable dead bodies. This does not appear to concern the president. The war is going well and the economy is just fab. Amerkans are wealthy, healthy, and wise.

We will hear calls for "bipartisan support" which translated, means that all the Democrats must submit themselves to his royal judgement (as far too many of them already do) and join the Republicans in rubber stamping his every proposal. He will denigrate those of us who fear the terrorists less than we fear the destruction of our nation from the inside out by the greedy power mongers in search of slave labor and subservient underlings.

We will not hear paeans of praise for our civil rights or for our precious Constitution since the former have been trumped by the Patriot Act and the NSA wire-tapping while the latter has been dissmissed by our leader as "a goddamned piece of paper."

Actually, there is very little point in being concerned about what he will say. In actuality it will be nothing more than an edited re-run. Oh yeah, they'll cut out the part about the "mushroom cloud" and the one about WMDs. They won't, however be able to re-use the clip of "we couldn't have known," because its been established that they could have and should have known. Or why he read 'My Pet Goat' while the whole thing went down.

The only thing left is that 9/11 happened, it was awful, it was scary and, five years later we should still be hiding under our beds while the valiant King George stands bravely in the door fighting off the rest of the world and peeping through our keyholes to be sure we're safe... On second thought, let's all just watch a good movie. I heard the 40-Year-Old Virgin is funny. It will be no more fictional than the speech and much more entertaining. In the words of my 76-year-old mother, "It don't matter what the bastard says. He's layin' anyway!"

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