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Monday, January 23


In the time that Bush has gone from bumbling, minor president to spying on Americans, we had fought and won World War II. We beat Germany and Japan and Bush can't find bin Laden. He is monitoring Americans' phone conversations to find bin Laden?

Bush, doing what Orwellian puppet master Karl Rove tells him to do, is calling his warrantless domestic spy program a "terrorists surveillance program." He lies with the sort of smirk on his face that Richard Nixon wouldn't dare attempt. Bush is daring us to call his hand.

He smirked at America from Kansas State University today, like a frat boy addressing the interfraternity counsel or its moral equivalent, the City Chapter of the Chamber of Commerce, when he said, "if I wanted to break the law why would I have informed Congress?" Well, given that Congress is full of Republicans trying to cover your ass, Mr. Bush, I suppose it doesn't matter that you only told a few members of Congress and then you lied to them and didn't tell all.

Bush reminds me of a college sophomore home for the summer snapping his wet towel at younger kids at the country club pool.

General Michael Hayden, who was with the National Security Agency, and who is now deputy director of the new national intelligence agency, "appeared exasperated by criticism that he said was based largely on misinformation or misunderstandings of the program." Speaking at the National Press Club, General Hayden, a military man overseeing a domestic spy program, said, and no doubt the press believed him, "It is not a driftnet over Dearborn or Lackawanna" or other areas with many Arab-American residents, he said. "This is hot pursuit of communications entering or leaving America involving someone we believe is associated with Al Qaeda." By using the phrase "hot pursuit" he is attempting to imply that they don't need no stinking warrants if they are in "hot pursuit" much like the police don't need a warrant to enter a private home when the suspect is fleeing police. Emergency or exigent circumstances.

Bush didn't go to the FISA court because he didn't have probable cause to get a warrant. He isn't just looking for terrorists. We are going to learn that they are on a fishing expedition.

Democrats have been handed a gift. The Republicans have overreached and the Democrats can beat them in this year's elections. But they are running as Republicans. Hillary is backing laws she knows are unconstitutional, like anti-flag burning federal laws, to court "Bubba" in Birmingham. Bubba ain't ever going to vote for Hillary, or Condi, either. It is a NASCAR nation.

But when the average American male and sadly the average American female go into the voting booth, they will vote in a visceral and traditional way. Hillary frightens men and women because she forces them to confront their own basic fears about themselves. So when Molly Ivins wants Democrats to lead voters where they say they want to go on the war, the environment, and other issues confronting us, I agree. But what Hillary and other Democrats know is that John and Jane Q. Public will not vote logically. They vote from fear and a desire for safety. Hillary fears the "radical" label. And with good cause. While radicals have often been right in American politics, they are never elected.

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