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Monday, January 23

Shocking Breaking News From the WH

also see updates below...

The president will be taking unscripted audience questions
in his latest series of visits to Americans on his campaign to convince them that domestic spying is a good thing.

AP Bush has been taking questions from audience members in recent speeches, and the White House says none has been prescreened. The sessions are not open to the public, but instead limited to invited groups.
Oh that makes it sooo authentic.

It's a throwback to the folksy style on the campaign trail that helped him win re-election and a departure from the heavily scripted speeches that were the norm last year.
He pulled that shit on Long Island and Newsday was all over it pointing out how fake the whole deal was.

...The White House has grown so comfortable with the format that most of his appearance Monday at Kansas State University scheduled for 12:30 p.m. ET was reserved for Q-and-A with the audience.

I imagine his audience are the Students for America, Right or Wrong.

...Bush has taken a wide variety of questions in three appearances during the last six weeks. Many of the people he has called on have fawned over him, thanking him for his wartime leadership, saying they pray for him and bringing best wishes from other fans in their family who couldn't be there.

Obviously the audience was pre-screened.
1. They are as stupid as he is... and like it that way
2. They don't read the newspaper

"It's always good to have a plant in every audience," Bush joked last week in Sterling, Va., after a woman rose and said she was proud of him.

Bush wasn't joking and that woman who was proud of him was simply surprised that he was able to go this far without being impeached. See the 14 Rules of Fascism

UPDATE: Bush says that since congress didn't tell him not to spy domestically then he has the authority to do what he has to do to keep us safe.

"It's what I would call a terrorist surveillance program," Bush said at Kansas State. "If they're making a phone call in the United States, it seems like to me we want to know why."

He said he "had all kinds of lawyers review the process" to ensure it didn't violate civil liberties or the law.

"I'm not a lawyer, but I can tell you what it means: It means Congress gave me the authority to use necessary force to protect the American people, but it didn't prescribe the tactics," Bush said.

UPDATE: A sophomore at Kansas State stumped Bush according to Think Progress

Q: My name is Tiffany Cooper. I’m a sophomore here at Kansas State and I was just wanting to get your comments about education. Recently 12.7 billion dollars was cut from education. I was just wondering how is that supposed to help our futures?


Bush: Actually, I think what we did was reform the student loan program. We are not cutting money out of it.
You can read the whole transcript, read about how the government with Cheney's deciding vote cut $12.7 billion to education programs.

Waddaya think? Perhaps the questions will get screened afterall?

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