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Friday, January 13

Real Life Terminator

Arnold got to deny clemency to yet another death row inmate. This is his third denial and isn't the cock supposed to crow now?

AP -Clarence Ray Allen is California's oldest death row inmate-75 years old. He's been on death row for 23 years and is legally blind and nearly deaf. He got the death penalty for ordering 3 slayings while he was imprisoned for another murder. Allen's attorneys say that his execution is cruel and unusual punishment because of his condition. That is supposedly not a reason to grant clemency.

But get this sentence in the article:

"He often uses a wheelchair and had to be resuscitated after suffering a heart attack last year at San Quentin Prison."

Oh that's rich. They resuscitate people on death row if they should attempt to die a full year before the executioner is ready to do his job?

Unreal. It hurts my brain to think about this any more.

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