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Sunday, January 15

Pardon Me If I Weep For Everyone

"Iran Announces Conference on Holocaust"
"Iran, whose president has denied the Holocaust, said Sunday it would hold a conference to examine the scientific evidence concerning Nazi Germany's extermination of 6 million Jews."

That's the headline and lead sentence of this article by the Associated Press this morning.

Since the Associated Press hardly ever reports ALL the news that I believe is pertinent to a story, I have included here the complete death casualty figures for World War II.

Military Civilian Total
AXIS TOTAL 6,582,000 1,686,000 8,268,000
ALLIED TOTAL 14,276,800 25,686,900 39,963,700
EST. TOTAL 20,858,800 27,372,900 48,231,700

A breakdown of death casualties by country is available at, and, for what it's worth, some researchers consider the 48,231,700 death total to be somewhat conservative, with estimates sometimes reaching as high as sixty million. 'Course, what's another ten or twelve million dead, unless of course, they were Jews?

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