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Monday, January 16

The Old Strawmen Again- Homosexuals

heh. James Dobson is claiming that the Republicans have done nothing about family values, abortion and all that good stuff that America is made of.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, wingers but the Republicans don't give a shit about family values. It's all a ruse to get you to vote for their fascist values. Wake the hell up.

Rick Santorum replied to the charges by saying that he will push the most important piece of legislation in 2006, the marriage amendment. yawn. Santorum says, "We need to have a good debate -- as is going on across the country right now -- the issue of protecting marriage being between one man and one woman."

Oh yeah. That protects marriage-banning gays from marrying. My marriage was so in danger because a gay couple might marry. Not. I am so concerned that allowing gay people to marry will the throw the very fabric of American society into turmoil. Not. Sounds like something Hitler would have said about the Jews.

Doing something about the rise in poverty, education, health benefits, flat or reduced wages in the work force has nothing to do with family values at all- it's those darned homosexuals.

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