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Wednesday, January 18

Oh those silly dems

When the Dems don't get their shit together the wingers have a field day...

From Reuters: Senate Democrat backs Alito for US Supreme Court

Democratic senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska appeared on Faux Spews and demonstrated that he bought the GOP Alito propaganda:
"I have to take him at his word at the moment," Nelson said. "But I think that he will take to the bench his decision-making based on facts and based on cases."
The same article goes on to discuss Ted Kennedy's association with the Owl Club in Harvard, an all male social club which was started before women were accepted to Harvard. Kennedy just withdrew his membership. On the other hand, Alito belonged to the CAP club, a Princeton University alumni group that opposed efforts to enroll more women and minorities. He doesn't remember being a member. Part of me believes it because I can't remember what stuff I used to belong to either. I joined things that made sense at the time but that doesn't mean I would join it today. There is a difference however in belonging to an all guys social club and a political activist group that renounces females.

My dad belonged to an all male golf club. I used to question him about it. He said it was cheaper (although it was exclusive). He also said it was rather bare bones inside. No one else in the family played golf. He belonged to that club until he died. I really never thought anything of it. It was mostly married men who just wanted to play golf.

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