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Tuesday, January 31

My Grandmother along with many others lost her lifesavings when the banks closed following the stock market crash of 1929. She never really trusted anybody with her money after that and always believed that she would end up by the side of the road without even a glass of water. She told me that the wealthy bank patrons were able to get their money out and didn't suffer like rest of them.

I stumbled across this article the other day and thought of her warnings to me. In case of a National Security Event only Homeland Security can allow you access to your safety deposit box and they will not release to you weapons, cash or precious metals. Being a member of the working class I do not have a safety deposit box full of cash and jewels and weapons but for all of you out there suckling at the Halliburton tit it may be time to ask a few questions at the bank. You may want to move your assets to a safer location. My Grandmother would recommend a coffee can buried in the backyard.

Thanks Blondesense Liz and all the blondes for inviting me to post and I want to encourage readers out there to not be afraid to post a comment.

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