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Thursday, January 19

Most College Students Lack Skills

AP 1/9/06 More than 50 percent of students at four-year schools and more than 75 percent at two-year colleges lacked the skills to perform complex literacy tasks.

That means they could not interpret a table about exercise and blood pressure, understand the arguments of newspaper editorials, compare credit card offers with different interest rates and annual fees or summarize results of a survey about parental involvement in school.

The results cut across three types of literacy: analyzing news stories and other prose, understanding documents and having math skills needed for checkbooks or restaurant tips.

Well in all honesty, they don't teach that stuff in college. Furthermore, they teach theory in a lot of subjects and not real world applications which would be a very good thing to teach high school kids. Truly I was amazed in college in the 70's at how many students were incapable of reading aloud.
Overall, the average literacy of college students is significantly higher than that of adults across the nation.

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