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Wednesday, January 18

More MLK Day Backlash

On Monday, Mayor Nagin of New Orleans gave a speech where he insisted that the hurricanes were a sign that "God is mad at America." He went on to say, "Surely he doesn't approve of us being in Iraq under false pretenses. But surely he is upset at black America also. We're not taking care of ourselves." He then went on to say that New Orleans will be a "Chocolate City", a predominantly African-American city. "Why is black-on-black crime such an issue? Why do our young men hate each other so much that they look their brother in the face and they will take a gun and kill him in cold blood?"

Nagin's controversial remarks didn't go unnoticed. After an uproar, Nagin declared that his comments were totally inappropriate. Some say that his comments were politically motivated as he was trying to shore up black votes which he didn't get in the election while he got 90% of the white vote.

I for one, am getting sick and tired of people blaming everything bad that happens on god. Well they blame everything good on god too. I feel like I am back in first grade with that mean nun who scowled all the time and had the power to hit us.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it seems that Hillary's reference to the House being run like a plantation wasn't the first time the term "plantation" was used. In fact the term has been used by wingers about Democrats time and time again. (Americablog has some examples)

The White House was just outraged at Hillary's comments. Mr. McClellan said "I think they were way out of line."

Mrs. Clinton's advisers fired back at the White House. "What's out of line is a White House that defends Tom DeLay's innocence and the corruption in the Republican House of Representatives," said Howard Wolfson, a Clinton spokesman.
The all white Republican senate and congress was disturbed as well. There are no reports at this time that prominent black leaders felt that Hillary's comments were inappropriate.

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