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Sunday, January 22

Israel Planning to Fulfill Biblical Prophecy

Israel says that if Iran doesn't stop making nukes, it will nuke them. France says it would use nukes. It's interesting how the world leaders get to decide all this stuff for the rest of us earthlings who are minding our business and trying to survive. It's so evident lately, especially among the blood thirtiest of the 3 major religions, how difficult it is for them to deal with life on earth. We must have the most existential angst out of all the planets in the galaxy... or maybe not.

One of the questions that the late Carl Sagan had for aliens should we ever make contact was how did they achieve so much technology without destroying themselves. They'd probably say that they had no organized religion. What reasons could advanced planets have for not destroying themselves?

PS Speaking of nukes, Miss Nevada's mom has her panties in a knot because the Miss America judges asked her daughter questions that were too hard.

In Thursday's interview, Miss Las Vegas Crystal Wosik, who won the Miss Nevada title, was asked by one of the preliminary judges about the planned nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain.

Wosik replied, "It has to go someplace, and that was the best-built facility in the country," Nevada's state pageant director, Nancy Ames, told the Reno Gazette-Journal.

And if people die?

"We just have to take one for the team," said contestant Wosik, according to Ames.
oy vay.

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