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Sunday, January 29

Is it just me?

Or is the tide beginning to turn, if in miniscule pop-culture ways?

I know that I'm probably the only person around here who reads the Parade Magazine that comes in the Sunday paper, but it's a handy little quickie gauge of the Wonder-Bread-eating populace.

Now, I don't wanna be premature, I'm not the Chicken Little of schaedenfreude, but --- the Personality Parade, where they regularly felate pompous & overaged Hollywood types and berate/nag/belittle the few remaining "liberals" in L.A., they actually mocked Paris Hilton and Brangelina, but discussed unions (LABOR unions, not shotgun weddings) in a less-than-snide way. Trivial? Sure. A harbinger of fickle Murkins finally emerging from their five-year snooze? Mebbe.

There's a cover story about how Sarah Jessica Parker "deserves" her fame because she's from a working-class family of 8 kids and divorced parents, with a step-father who drove a truck (cliche' as fuck, I know, and she still irks the living shit out of me, but it mentions the working class as being THREE-DIMENSIONAL HUMANS, instead of mere cannon fodder).

The "Intelligence Report" is all about "Iraq: Who Wrote The Plan?" Pretty wide-eyed attempt at journalism for a "paper" that routinely nuzzles up to Karl Rove's scrotum with all earnest enthusiasm. They have a yearly feature, "Who's The World's Worst Dictator?" and have they ever included BushCheneyCo. in the poll? Pfft.

Every week, it's flag-waving, chest-thumping, rah-rah, breed-breed-breed, ain't Murka cute and cuddly, go Aggies, sports is IMPORTANT, status-quo reinforcement to the 9th power. Don't forget the weekly damned-near free advertising for the military recruiters.

And this week, James Brady's celebrity profile name-checks Al Gore (it's about Tommy Lee Jones) with a straight face and nary a flinch! I damned near fainted.

Yeah, I know, PARADE is within spitting distance of the National Enquirer. No shit. But I've been reading the paper since I was 6 or 7 years old, and the Sunday paper is still a treat for me. And, as I've said, it's an interesting glance into the world of pro-breeding, flag-waving, patriotism-poisoned Murkins. (Without being tainted by the disease itself, of course.)

I think that this is a flare. I think that they're finally realizing that they should be more than a little terrified by this monster that their selfishness & narcissism hath wrought. Dawn is finally breaking through a crack in the armor. There might be hope for this country yet.

But don't quote me on it.

'Cause hope is something that I haven't seen a helluva lot of since Clinton's re-election commercials, and y'all KNOW that I mean the town.

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